Tutorial 2; using Core over Finish
by Andy Snedden

Example; Sned’s baby herring
Hook - your favourite stainless sized to natural in your area
Body - black DNA Holo-Fusion over grey Poly-Bear over white Poly-Bear
Underbody - Gudebrod Silver Electra braid
Overbody veil - silver Lite-Brite (or similar)
Thread - mono
Eyes - stick-on prismatic silver

1) wrap hook shank with mono and bring thread to hook eye.(Plate1)
2) tie in braid at hook eye, wrap to hook bend and back to eye and tie off.(Plate1, 2)
Note: for extra durability you can apply a thin coat of Finish to the braid and cure the resin with the Tuffleye curing light.

3) layer a small bunch of grey Poly-Bear over Poly-Bear white and tie in at the eye. (Plate3)
4) rough-trim the fly to shape. (Plate4)

5) tie in veil at the eye. (Plate5)
Note: it takes several layers tied in and pulled back to get a nice effect.
6) tie in the black DNA Holo-Fusion topping. (Plate6)
7) whip-finish the fly.
Note: you can now trim the fly to shape or wait until the resins are applied and cured and then trim to final shape.

8) fully saturate the fibers at the head with Finish - use the applicator tip to make sure the fibers are fully saturated such that you’ll produce a solid head when the resin is cured. The size of the head is not important as you can make it any size you like but it is critical to produce a solid head. Hold the fibers such that you will produce a laterally-flattened head (a herring is not round in cross-section). Cure the resin with the Tuffleye curing light (you can release the fibers after 5 seconds of cure time). Do not remove the slippery bonding layer. (Plate7, 8)

9) apply the stick-on eyes.
Note: the eyes will stick better if you place a small droplet of Core on the fly first.
10) apply a coat of Core to fully encapsulate the eyes and produce the size and shape of head you want. Cure the resin with the Tuffleye curing light. (Plate9, 10)

11) remove the slippery bonding layer with paper towel and alcohol. You can now apply a coat of TuffleyeTM Top Coat (or similar) if desired. (Plate11)
12) Finished fly (Plate12)