Tutorial 3; using Core only
by Andy Snedden

Example; Sned’s Sand Lance (called needlefish in BC)
Hook - your favourite stainless sized to bait in your area
Body - black over olive over white (or grey) DNA Holo-Fusion
Rib - mono
Thread - mono
Eyes - stick-on prismatic silver

1) wrap hook shank with mono and bring thread to hook eye. (Plate1)
2) tie in a small bunch of white (or grey) of DNA fibers – this should be tied ‘in the round’. Wrap the fibers almost to the hook bend and back to the eye. The tail should extend about ½ - ¾ of the shank length past the hook bend. (Plate2)

3) top with the olive and then black DNA fibers. These should extend just beyond the end of the white fibers. Pull the fibers back as you wrap the thread to the hook bend and back to the eye to produce a nice lateral line. (Plate3)
4) whip-finish the fly.
5) apply a small amount of Core and spread the resin to form a smooth round body. (Plate4)

6) you can cure the resin at this point and then add the eyes followed by another layer of resin or simply ‘squish’ the eyes into the resin making sure they are fully encapsulated and then cure the resin with the Tuffleye curing light. (Plate5)

7) remove the slippery bonding layer with paper towel and alcohol. You can now apply a coat of TuffleyeTM Top Coat (or similar) if desired. (Plate6, 7)
8) Finished fly (Plate8)