Tutorial 4; using Finish only
by Andy Snedden

Example; Sned’s Gold-Rolled Minnow
Hook - your favourite salmon fly hook
Body - Gudebrod Gold Electra braid
Rib (optional) - gold oval tinsel
Tail - natural mallard breast feather fibers
Wing - natural buck tail over rolled mallard beast feather fibers
Thread - tan 8/0 or 6/0
Eyes - stick-on prismatic silver

1) wrap hook shank with thread and bring thread to hook eye. (Plate1)
2) tie in tail fibers at the hook bend and bring thread to the eye. The tail should be about ½ the hook shank length. (Plate1)
3) tie in braid at hook eye, wrap to hook bend and back to eye and tie off.
Note: for extra durability you can apply a thin coat of Finish to the braid and cure the resin with the Tuffleye curing light. (Plate1, 2)

4) tie in the rolled mallard breast feather fibers. The wing should extend to, or just past, the tail. (Plate3)
5) tie in the buck tail (sparse) on top of the mallard. The hair should extend to, or just past, the tail. Trim the butt ends. (Plate4)
6) make a neat head and whip finish the fly. (Plate4)

7) apply the stick-on eyes and coat the head with a thin layer of Finish. Cure the resin with the Tuffleye curing light. (Plate5, 6)

8) remove the slippery bonding layer with paper towel and alcohol. You can now apply a coat of TuffleyeTM Top Coat (or similar) if desired. (Plate7, 8)

9) Finished fly (Plate9)